December 7, 2010

CD Release Party: The Aftermath

Photo by Junghea Kwon

Photo by Junghea Kwon

It’s been a little over a week now since I had my CD release part for Insert Coin on November 20th.  It was a hectic day. It took most of the afternoon to gather and load equipment, prepare food, get the guest list in order, and ensure everything was accounted for. I think the rushing around helped keep me from being nervous. I was focused, and I was excited.

How could I not be excited? This was the culmination of two years of recording, arranging, vocal lessons, re-recording, re-arranging, studio mishaps, and a lot of second guessing; not to mention a month and a half of rehearsals with the group of talented musicians that accompanied me, many of whom I had never worked with before.  The beautiful Mansion at Strathmore was an ideal venue: intimate, exclusive, inviting, it was a perfect setting for my kind of music.  Everything was prepared and ready to go, but how would it turn out?

It came down to one night. And what a night it was!

Photo by William Osborne

Photo by William Osborne

You all…my friends, family, and fans…came out in droves! This was an invitation-only event (mansion rules) so I wasn’t allowed to publicly sell or announce the event. I had to ask you directly for your support, and you guys came through for me. I was shooting for about 50 attendees, but was realistically expecting less than that. We ended the night with over 80 folks showing up! So many, in fact, that we ran out of seating for everyone. You turned what was supposed to be a cozy performance space into a packed standing-room-only affair!  You clapped-along, sang-along, and were the most attentive audience I’ve ever had the pleasure of performing for.  I want to take you all with me every I perform!

I wanted to extend a special thank you to Daisy Eun for managing and organizing the refreshments for the evening!  Also to Vijay, Megan, Lalita, my family, and everyone else who helped out with setting things up.  Also thanks to the Sims family for driving down from Ohio for the event and to Renee and Chip for making the trip from Virginia Beach!  You all made the night super special!

Finally I’d like to thank the band: Dan Jenkin on Drums, Jim Viner on Bass, Phil Baldassano on Keys, Alex Barron on Cello, Mike Welgein on Trombone, Jose Oviedo on Trumpet, Seth Kibel on Saxes/Flute/Clarinet, and Jeffrey O’Connor (and assistant) running sound!  You delivered a flood of sweet soundscapes to the audience that almost literally blew the doors off the place!   Thanks guys!

How awesome was the audience?  Check them out as they sing-a-long to Rain Song:

Best song of the night (aside from the flub in my trumpet solo):

Lets keep this momentum going! Please continue to spread the word about my album which is available at my live shows and everywhere online!

Keep the music flowin’…

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