November 20, 2011

Insert Coin: Anniversary Special

Insert Coin by Matt RodelaOne year ago today I fulfilled one of my childhood dreams. I wrote and recorded a full CD of entirely original songs. Last year on November 20th I performed the entire CD at a CD Release Party at the Strathmore Mansion in Bethesda Maryland. It was a magical night for me and I want to relive that magic with my fans.

So this week only, starting today, you can PAY WHATEVER YOU WANT for my CD. $1, $5, $100 whatever you feel it’s worth.

‘Tis the season, so if you already have a copy, get copies for friends and family just in time for the Holidays.

  • Download: If you download the MP3 version of the album, you can pay any amount starting at FREE! I’d appreciate some sort of compensation for the years of work I put into the CD, but if you’re tight on cash, I want you to have the music more than I want your money.
  • Physical CD: For the physical copy, the price starts at $.50 + shipping, but I’ll also throw in a free t-shirt!

This special price is only available at this link:

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