Local Friends – Batimore / DC area

Bob Sima
I had the pleasure of playing with Bob when he hosted the Tuesday Troubadours at Austin Grill in Silver Spring.  Bob is a local folk singer who has burst onto the national scene recently, winning songwriting competitions all over the country.  Good music for good people!

Corrin Campbell
Corrin is a fellow Army veteran and currently staitoned with me in the Maryland National Guard.  With powerful pop-rock hooks, Corrin’s music will bounce around in your ears days after you hear it.  She’s bust onto the local scene this year, but she’s poised to rocket across the country, so keep your ears open!

Joseph Isaacs
Joe puts together a great service, the Music Matters Showcase, which features talented local musicians from all over the Baltimore/DC area! Check out his website for more info.

Uncle John Sawbriar
Figerstyle steel-string acoustic therapy. Hosts a great open mic at the Cup in Bel Air, MD.

My Influences

Ben Folds
I love his matter-of-fact lyrics that stick with you for days. Pop piano at it’s finest.

The most unique incorporation of a trumpet into an alternative rock band.

Chet Baker
This guy has the coolest sound on trumpet. I strive to have the hip edge to my trumpet playing that Chet acheived. Plus, he was an accomplished singer as well.

Their early stuff was really good, like 25 or 6 to 4, Saturday in the Park, and Beginnings.  The horn lines I write are infliuenced alot by Chicago tunes.

Clifford Brown
Clifford wrote one of my favorite jazz standards, Joy Spring. He was an ingenious be-bop player and is a lot of fun to listen to.

Dave Matthew Band
This is the band that made me want to learn guitar. Dave proved to me that song writing for guitar could be more than 1-4-5, blues progressions, and power chords.

I got interested in this band after hearing Drive on the radio and was pleasantly surprised to find that this was a departure from their normal style. I love Mike’s original, out-of-the-box, funky guitar riffs coupled with Brandon’s soaring vocals.

Jamie Cullum
A jazz pianist from London who is takes spins his own versions of jazz standards and writes tight contemporary originals.  It falls somewhere between pop, rock, jazz and adult contemporary. I love his voice!

Jason Mraz
Crazy fun to listen to. I love how he turns his voice into an instrument and scats melodies over his tunes.

John Mayer
Extremely talented musician that didn’t let his solid musical education ruin his creativity and originality. I aspire to be a lyricist on John’s level.

Miles Davis

This was the first real band that I got into as a kid and have learned to respect their off-kilter originality and unfaltering dedication as I mature. “Out of Time” and “Automatic for the People” are still two of my all time favorite albums.

Roy Hargrove
He’s got a beautiful dark tone on the trumpet that comes through in the lower register that I love. He played the trumpet part in John Mayer’s song “Clarity”.

Wynton Marsalis
The most diverse trumpet player of all time. This man is like a trumpet playing machine. I really respect how he tries to keep traditional jazz programs alive in public schools across the country.


CD Baby
The biggest online resource for buying and selling indy CD’s

College Perk
Sometime you can find me at this quirky place that offers fine food, beverages, and an eclectic mix of performers at their open mic night every Tuesday.

This is a great web site that I use to find all of the local open mic nights. It’s kept very up to date and lists open mics for nearly every day of the month. This is where I go to find places where I can hone my performance skills.

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