July 20, 2011

Song of the Month: “Autumn Breeze”

Once a month in my Song of the Month Series I take an in-depth look at one tune from my album, “Insert Coin”. Each entry in the series may include alternate takes, acoustic recordings, videos, lyrics, or anything else I feel like sharing about the featured tune.

A little Background on “Autumn Breeze”

I wrote Autumn Breeze at a transitional time in my life. The period after I finished my service in the US Army and moved back into the “civilian world” was a time of uncertainty and longing for me. It was in this short one to two month period that I wrote this song along with Better Days and Top of the World. Each song captures a bit of my feelings at the time, this one being the sentimental bittersweet song about leaving good friends behind.

I like how this song turned out, as it had gone through quite a few transitions in arrangement and composition before it arrived at the final version you hear now. I think it’s a very unique song and I can’t quite place it into a genre. I also can’t think of any musical influences that informed this tune, I made no attempts to cater to any popular styles or sounds. In that way, this song is pure Matt Rodela.


Here’s an video of me playing Autumn Breeze at home, just me and my guitar.


Autumn Breeze

by Matt Rodela

Wake up on a Sunday morning
Take a drink from my cup, stretch around a bit
And I can still smell you on my clothes
In a day take a plane halfway around the world
And I’ll find a way
To think of a better time where you will be mine

Think of times
That sun shines
And it’s all right
But I do miss you

Staring at the Autumn Breeze
So soft outside, thinking about life
As the leaves fall and tumble to the ground
I wonder if they had a voice they’d say:
“Take me back to the branch I don’t wanna leave yet
From below I’ll never see another sunset”
But the leaves still fall despite it all
We’re so small, so small

Think of times
That sun shines
And it’s all right
But I do miss you

Some say it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all
But I know the love we shared hurts deeply now that I feel so alone

Take me back
Take me back (but I don’t really wanna go)
Take me back (but I’m happy here)
Take me back

Think of times
That sun shines
And it’s all right
But I do miss you…..

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